An important factor in the operation of a pressure washer is the nozzle. Its use and the concentration of water when washing any surface will depend on this part. With this in mind, in this article, we show you how to choose the right pressure washer nozzle.

Pressure washer nozzles come in different sizes, however, it has been proven that the smaller the opening, the more concentrated the water jet is likely to be. When the water jet is more concentrated, it is easier to clean harder surfaces such as concrete.

Pressure washers on the market differ in their PSI levels; those with lower PSI often have adjustable nozzles. When they are adjustable, they allow the user to vary the pressure of the water jet while cleaning, without having to change nozzles for each surface.

When it comes to higher PSI pressure washers, the supplier includes several nozzles, which are commonly differentiated by a universal coding system, which assigns a different color depending on the spray angle.

Types of pressure washer nozzles to choose from

Green nozzle

This nozzle comes with 25 degrees of opening and is commonly used for household cleaning tasks. It is generally used to remove dirt or mud from siding, or patio flooring.

With great care, it can even be used on surfaces such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and motorboats. Since the jet is wider compared to other colors, it is easier to have a longer cleaning range.

Black nozzle

The black nozzle is approximately 65 degrees and is widely used on surfaces at very low pressure. It is also ideal for spraying detergent and soap at the same time.

White nozzle

The water jet level with this nozzle spans 40 degrees. With this nozzle, the water comes out at low pressure, ideal for cleaning fragile objects such as glass windows or delicate surfaces.

Yellow nozzle

The yellow nozzle has a 15-degree opening to produce a more concentrated jet. It is used to clean stains, such as paint stains on concrete, as well as mold and mildew. However, it is not recommended for wood or soft materials.

Red nozzle

Of all the pressure washer nozzles, this is the one with 0 degrees of opening, so it is the nozzle that allows water to exit with much more concentration. Because it generates more water pressure, it is ideal for very hard and rough surfaces. It is even capable of removing paint.

There are pressure washers that have adjustable nozzles, which allow changing the water pressure levels without changing the nozzles, however, it will depend on the model of the pressure washer the user needs.

Choosing the right pressure washer nozzles when using the tool is very important. Depending on the one you choose, it will take the pressure washer’s job easier, you can finish the cleaning task much faster and it ensures that the pressure washer lasts much longer.

Regardless of the surface that needs to be cleaned, when it comes to removing dirt or grease, a pressure washer will always be a better option than traditional hoses. In addition to saving water, the job will go faster.


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