While trying to keep the house clean, we all go through a lot of stress and end up so tired at the end of the day. But ever since the advent of pressure washers, cleaning up the house is now a chore that can be done without stress. However, for pressure washers to be used for heavy-duty cleaning, the efficiency of such washers must be increased.

Of course, there are various ways to increase the efficiency of your washer, and it is essential to know these methods. As we go on in this article, we will be looking at ways to increase the efficiency of a pressure washer to get the result we desire when it comes to cleaning our surfaces.

Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Pressure Washer

  • Changing the Nozzle:Changing the nozzle of a pressure washer increases the washer’s efficiency. The nozzle determines the angle at which the water streams and the pressure it comes out with. A wide-angle nozzle will make the water spread at low pressure, while the red zero-degree nozzle will make the water shoot straight at the dirt with a lot of pressure. There are also different types of nozzles like the yellow 15-degree nozzles, green 25° nozzles, white 40degree nozzles, black 65°nozzles. Therefore, we can upgrade our pressure washer into any nozzle that suits our work best. But for more efficiency, a red zero-degree nozzle is the best as it gives the highest output pressure.
  • Changing the Pressure Regulator or Unloader Valve: Changing the pressure regulator regulates the pressure washer’s output pressure. This regulator is made with a tension spring that can be set to get the maximum output pressure. This regulator also has a safety feature that does not allow the pressure to exceed a certain level. This helps increase the washer’s efficiency as we can increase and decrease its output pressure with the pressure regulator. However, changing the regulator differs from one pressure washer to another. Therefore, it is advised to read the manufacturer’s manual before changing the regulator.
  • The Use of Different Mules:To increase the efficiency of the pressure washer, we can also fill the gas tank of the washer with higher octane gas. Most pressure washers use 87 octane gas, while some use 92 octane gas. The 87-octane gas is more economical as 92 octane gas burns faster and increases the engine power. But any of the two can be used according to budget.
  • Tweak the Engine: When using a gas pressure washer, the cleaning and regular maintenance of the engine are very necessary, unlike the electric pressure washer. When you tweak the engine of your washer, it increases your engine’s power. Engines like the pressure washer need air, fuel, and spark to perform efficiently. When the engine of the washer is tweaked, it leads to the efficient performance of the machine.


It’s a fact that a pressure washer cleans all kinds of dirt and stains; however, there is still a limit to how pressure washers can work efficiently. Sometimes to clean some dirt or stain, you have to increase the efficiency of your washer. You do not only save more time and stress by doing this, but you are also able to achieve a better cleaning result.


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